The Prairies North Story

Prairies North truly is The Magazine of Saskatchewan. Each issue showcases the natural beauty of Saskatchewan and its people with engaging stories and eye popping photography. We publish 4 times a year and consider our magazine an important part of the Saskatchewan identity. The magazine was founded in 1997, and you can read up on the history and the magazines evolution below.

When Michelle and Lionel Hughes took up residence at Michelle's childhood farm near Norquay in 1994, the last thing on their minds was publishing. Saskatchewan was a vast opportunity to grow food, connect with a culture that was far removed from urban life, and learn some traditional skills.

Before long, though, the idea of a magazine through which they could share the beauty and culture of Saskatchewan with others was irresistible. The fact that no one else was publishing a regional periodical about the province was, simply, a grand opportunity.

Creating Prairies North, originally titled Saskatchewan Naturally Magazine, began at the kitchen table in the family farm house. Even in 1998, building a publication that could compete with other high quality magazines was a complex task. The magazine grew with the skills they gained and went through many changes until 2007 when it's format and style became the foundation of what it is today.

The vision did not change as design and formats evolved. The goal has always been to give Saskatchewan's landscapes, recreation, culture, and people the best possible presentation for a print, and now online, audience.

Prairies North has garnered many formal awards and official recognition for the role it plays in highlighting Saskatchewan's invaluable natural and cultural wealth. We have always appreciated these kudos deeply. But perhaps more gratifying is the daily conversation we have with readers who tell us that the stories and images we publish bring pride, give ideas for travel, and create renewed motivation to preserve and enhance the irreplaceable gifts of Saskatchewan's land and people.

Rob and Amanda Soulodre, new owners & publishers of Prairies North are proud to announce that 2018 marks the beginning of a new era. The world headquarters of The Magazine of Saskatchewan has officially moved from its inception point at a kitchen table at a farm near Norquay Sask, to a kitchen table at a farm near Alvena Sask.

Many of you may already know us as Publishers of Saskatoon HOME magazine. Another content driven magazine that focused on design, décor, history and home stories relating specifically to the people of Saskatoon. Our core belief has always been that “content is king” and we promise to continue to fill the pages of Prairies North with interesting articles and eye popping photography.

When we are not publishing you will find us outside enjoying the natural beauty of Saskatchewan, or out in the community with its people. You may see us at hockey rinks & baseball diamonds, on the beaches of Waskesiu, catching a Rider game, paddling down the river, or driving a grain truck during harvest.

Lionel & Michelle have spent 20 years cultivating, curating and covering the pulse of Saskatchewan’s natural beauty and the stories of its people. I’m sure we speak for you all when we say “Thank You!” to Lionel and Michelle for sharing their love of Saskatchewan with us over these many years.

We take the continuation of this legacy very seriously, and look forward to the next 20 years of sharing our love for Saskatchewan with you. The natural beauty and spirit of our people is something we feel in our soul. Thank you for inviting us into your lives, we know we are going to get along splendidly in true Saskatchewan fashion.