Summer 2019

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Which Season Wore it Better? Innovation Place in Saskatoon.

Vanishing Saskatchewan: A photo journey through our past. By Ryan Wunsch

Norma’s Diary: Summertime on the farm. By Norma Galambos

First-time Family Campers: Twelve rules to survive the great outdoors. By Ray Penner                                  

Running with Horses: Ultra-running veterinarians. By Christalee Froese

Touring on Two Wheels: Open roads beckon bikers. By Karin Melberg Schwier

Paddleboarding to Saskatoon: Day tour down the South Saskatchewan River. By Ashlyn George

Marshall’s Sausage Stand: In search of our best life. By Judith Wright

There’s Clay in Them Thar Hills: Claybank’s brick-making legacy. By Ruth Bitner

In each issue: In the Garden by Sara Williams, Eats and Treats with Maureen Haddock and a viewfinder feature photo.