Fall 2019

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Which Season Wore it Better? A view from the Pike Lake highway.

Experience the North in a Weekend: A visit to Stanley Mission. By Larry Easton

Norma’s Diary: Memories of Harvest. By Norma Galambos

One Lucky Barn: New life for a 90-yr-old family treasure. By Ray Penner

Flying High at Fifty: The story behind Saskatchewan’s 50-yr-old flag. By Ruth Bitner

Watching Elk in the Rut: Prince Albert National Park creates a unique elk society. By J. David Henry

Photographing Autumn Colours: A guide to fabulous fall locations. By Robin and Arlene Karpan

Hiking in the Valley of 1000 Devils: A harrowing experience in Grasslands National Park. By Ashlyn George

A Qu’Appelle Valley Road Trip: Journey through history and Mother Nature’s Creation. By Jeff O’Brien

Fall in Love with Lorna: The beautiful life and art of Lorna Russell. By Karin Melberg Schwier

In each issue: In the Garden by Sara Williams, Eats and Treats with Maureen Haddock and a viewfinder feature photo.