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1 year ago
Ducks Unlimited Canada

Canada's boreal is vital for hundreds of wildlife species—including a large percentage of North America's migratory birds!
Join DUC now to pledge your support for conservation of Canada's most ... See more

1 year ago

Thanks Gerry for this nostalgic pic

Nights near Alvena.

1 year ago

Check out the Hand Wave Gallery in Meacham, SK

1 year ago

Nights near Alvena.

1 year ago

Mutant Mirror!!! American Avocet, RM Aberdeen

1 year ago

Clarkboro Ferry - Aberdeen to Warman

1 year ago

Clarkboro Ferry - Aberdeen to Warman

1 year ago

Sunshine & flowers for miles!! Love Canola time in southern Saskatchewan.

1 year ago
Timeline Photos

What a unique #sk perspective from @krista_routledge -

These clouds have dominated the sky often over the past few days and every now and then dropped some much needed moisture. 💦

1 year ago

Saw this youngster this morning on the 11th hole at Dakota Dunes Golf Course. Undisturbed it simply observed our play and snacked...

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"Four adolescent lynx cubs came walking out of the woods. What an absolutely incredible moment." #ExploreSask #WaskWild #ParksCanada #ExploreCanada

📍 Prince Albert National Park
📷 Moment captured by

Tobin Lake Ice Heave. Photo by Trevor Freemantle. #TobinLake #CodetteLake #TourismNipawin #Iceheave #ExploreSask #ExploreCanada

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We need to challenge ourselves and our government to truly protect the wild areas and species that depend on them.

We need to #MakeRoomForNature

Learn more here:

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Frosty farm views #hoarfrost #exploresask #prairiesnorth #shareyourweather #imagesofcanada

#WildlifeWednesday Found this hawk out posing for me on a rock pile in Sothern Saskatchewan #PrairiesNorth

Happy #wildlifewednesday !
Pic by Ruth Bitner near Dalmeny, #sk.
#prairiesnorth #wildlife

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